I thought that I would post a quick update to this post on the rough bark maple cuttings that I did last year.

Arakawa good performers group
Here is a select group of the good performers. Spring growth has been good and has enabled me to lightly wire the tender trunks to get in some low movement.

Arakawa 3
One of the good performers

Arakawa 2
Another of the good performers

Arakawa 1
And another

Arakawa poor performers group
A couple of the cuttings have not grown as well as the others this season so they have not been wired, just watered, fertilised and let grow.

Arakawa poor performer
One of the poor performers.

Of the roughly 50 or so cuttings that struck, I have had a few die after potting up so had about 40 left. A number of friends expressed interest in them so now have about 20 left.

Send me an email if you are interested in one at $35 each.