For sale

Japanese Bonsai Soil

If anyone is having a hard time getting hold of Japanese soil, I have taken delivery of a pallet of small and medium Akadama and Kanuma. Price is $30 per bag.

Japanese Black Pine Seeds

I have a quantity of JBP seeds for sale. $30 for 200 seeds.

Bonsai DVDs

After being daunted by the techniques involved with JBP care for around 5 years, I discovered Boon. Around 2 years ago I purchased his JBP care DVDs and I haven’t had a problem since. I was so impressed with his work that I traveled over to Alameda and took one of his intensives, my Bonsai haven’t looked back!

After chatting with a number of people in Australia about Boon, my tree’s improvement, and his JBP DVDs, I discovered that many people were unable to purchase the DVDs as the postage from the States was a prohibitive factor. As I had benefited so much from Boon’s teachings I wanted others too also. 

I contacted Boon and one of his mates, Michael, to see if I could get a bulk shipment of the DVDs to limit the postage expense.

The following is what I have for sale

If you would like to order, or would like more information, let me know.

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